LAGCOE 2015 features access to state-of-the-art equipment, service and technologies as well as technical presentations from worldwide leaders in the onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry. Exhibits and technical presentations are designed to support bold, innovative approaches in the quest for energy. 17,000 industry professionals from 47 states and 43 countries registered to attend LAGCOE in 2013. Engineers, technicians, executives, operators, scientists, sales and management personnel attended the show, representing a variety of fields in the energy industry. LAGCOE 2015 will feature 416 exhibiting companies recognized worldwide as leaders in onshore and offshore petroleum exploration and production industry. Over 500 companies remain on the waiting list, in addition to those exhibiting. Technologies, products and services are displayed in over 750 indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces. Topics cover the latest technological advances in the oil and gas industry as well as other pertinent issues affecting the energy industry worldwide that may be of particular interest to executives, engineers and technical personnel. See the below information for details or contact Claire Thom, LAGCOE’s Industry Relations Director at (337) 235-4055 or the New Orleans Export Assistance Center at (504) 589-6546.

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