What do we do?

We identify Potential Export Markets and Promoting Your Products or Services Abroad. We do this by the following programs.
Internet marketplace allowing U.S. companies, especially small to mid-size firms, to find and build long-term relationships with international businesses and to complete export transactions. provides subscribers instant access to qualified foreign distributors, buyers, and trade leads. Qualified subscribers must be U.S. firms that have been in business for at least one year and represent products and/or services comprised of at least 51% U.S. content.

Catalog Exhibitions:
These events display a U.S. firm’s product catalogs in several markets within a region. Commercial Service staff and representatives from state development agencies present the catalogs to hundreds of interested business prospects abroad and send the trade leads directly to participants.

Country Commercial Guides (CCG):
Comprehensive reports on doing business in a particular country. Available for over 100 countries, the Guides include best prospects for U.S. products and services, marketing issues, economic and political trends, trade regulations and standards, and investment climate.

Customized Market Analysis/Flexible Market Research:
Custom-tailored market assessment on your specific product or product line. The market research provides information on product sales potential, competitors, distribution channels, pricing of comparable products, potential buyers, marketing venues, regulations and joint venture possibilities.

Export USA:
Export USA, developed to replace Commercial News USA, is the export promotion magazine of the USA. The magazine is designed to help American companies promote their products and services to buyers in more than 178 countries worldwide.

Gold Key Service & Video Gold Key Service:
Our overseas Commercial Service staff will set up appointments with interested and qualified agents and/or buyers before you arrive in their city. Maximize your travel value by gaining on-the-spot market insight and counseling from our in-country commercial specialists. Special services, such as interpreters, can be arranged if needed. Video Gold Key works the same as the regular Gold Key except meetings are held via video teleconference.

International Buyer Program (IBP):
The International Buyer Program supports selected leading U.S. trade shows and recruits foreign buyers and distributors to attend the event. At the show, the U.S. Commercial Service works to put exhibiting U.S. firms in touch with the international visitor.

International Company Profile (ICP):
The ICP portrays the reliability of a prospective trading partner. Information provided includes type of organization, year established, size, general reputation, sales, principal owners, and trade references with recommendation from on-site commercial officers as to the foreign company’s suitability as a trading partner. Clients may request answers to detailed questions about overseas companies on a variety of issues. Since the ICP program is not available in all countries, a list of private sector providers is available from the USEAC.

International Market Research Reports (IMRP):
A variety of reports (prepared by U.S. Commercial Service overseas staff) covering international markets for specific product lines, industry sectors, and major projects. Reports include market size and outlook, competitive and end-user analysis, and market entry strategies.

International Partner Search (IPS):
The IPS promotes U.S. exports by helping U.S. firms gain effective representation abroad. In each target market, the post conducts a personalized search to select the most promising prospects for the U.S. firm. The post initially screens the possible agents, distributors, joint venture partners, manufacturer’s partners, franchisees, licensees or strategic alliance partners, then directly contacts the top prospects to review the U.S. firm’s marketing objectives for its product or service.

Matchmaker Trade Delegations:
The U.S. Commercial Service matches U.S. mission participants with prospective agents, distributors or buyers abroad. The overseas staff screens the contacts and handles all event logistics. U.S. firms visit the designated countries with the delegation, and receive in-depth market and finance briefings, along with the appointments.

National Trade Data Bank (NTDB):
The NTDB is your “one stop” source for federal international trade information. It contains over 190,000 trade-related documents, including market research, statistics, trade contacts, country guides, and more. It is available at federal depository libraries, can be purchased on CD-Rom or can be accessed through subscription on the Internet at Call 1-800-STAT-USA to order or for more information.

Platinum Key Service (PKS):
U.S. firms can attain comprehensive, customized support on a range of issues on which the company needs longer-term, sustained assistance. Assistance is tailored to the client’s needs and can include identifying markets, launching products, developing major project opportunities, providing government tender support, helping to reduce market access barriers, and assistance on regulatory or technical standards matters. Ongoing service is available for six months, one year, or a specified timeframe based on the mutually agreed upon scope of work.

Helps U.S. companies identify additional high-potential product markets while attending major Trade Shows. During the trade show, clients have the opportunity to meet with Commercial Service specialists from various countries to receive one-on-one counseling sessions on exporting to those markets.

Trade Opportunity Program (TOP):
TOP leads are timely sales leads from international firms seeking to buy or represent U.S. products or services. TOP leads are printed daily in leading commercial newspapers and are distributed electronically through STAT-USA by the U.S. Department of Commerce. TOP leads are also published in local business journals.